Brain, Nerves and Mind Network Renamed

Following consultations with all Cochrane Reviews Groups (CRGs) within the network, the ‘Brain Nerves and Mind’ Network are pleased to announce that they have changed their name to the ‘Mental Health and Neuroscience’ Network. 

This consultation process started with a face-to-face network meeting in September 2019 at the colloquium in Edinburgh, where various alternatives to ‘Brain Nerves and Mind’ were suggested and noted within the minutes of the meeting.

Following this a short survey was circulated in October, listing the suggestions where members ranked the options from 1 (favourite) to 4 (least favourite), with reminders for participation sent to ensure the views of all members.

By January, the most popular name emerged as ‘Neuroscience and Mental Health’, which was followed closely by the original name ‘Brain Nerves and Mind’.

Many people in the network noted that given the scope of the network, it may be more appropriate to rearrange the order of these words and use the name ‘Mental Health and Neuroscience’ instead. The network team agreed with this suggestion. This new proposed name was circulated to all network members in February 2019, and then formally adopted on 20th February 2019