Meet the Senior Editor

Christopher Eccleston is Professor of Medical Psychology at The University of Bath in the UK, where he directs the Centre for Pain Research. He is actively engaged in evidence-based medicine, and in science production and communication more broadly. He is Co-ordinating Editor for the Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Review Group, a member of the Co-ordinating Editors’ Executive, and sat for six years on a NICE Appraisal Committee. He is an active scientist and in addition to his work on evidence, his Group is active in four key discovery areas: neurobiological mechanisms of pain and analgesia; novel models and methods of supported self-management of long-term neurological and physical conditions; the psychology of physical symptoms; and paediatric chronic pain management. He is active in promoting quality in research commissioning, conduct, reporting, and use. In 2017 he published Embodied: the psychology of physical sensation, and in 2018 European Pain Management, both with Oxford University Press.